My Daily Photo's 2010 - Boobaby

Went camping this weekend! We found several of these spiders while camping. We were driving down the road and would see them crossing the we had to stop! I'm terrified of spiders,so I made Joe catch one and place it on a stump so I could get a quick shot. It gave me chills to even look at it!! After seeing all of them,I was sure glad we took the camper this time and not the tent...sure would hate to find one of those in my sleeping bag!

Didn't have internet all weekend,so I will catch up soon. Hope everyone had a great weekend! The weather was great.

If you get a chance,please vote on my picture!! I entered a contest where I buy all my bird feeders...the link is Just click where it says feathers and flowers contest...mine is #11. If I win.. I can buy lots more feeders!!Thanks.